Our Four Principles

Some of the Benefits You Will Enjoy From Membership: 

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​1318 W. Fredonia Ave, Peoria, IL 61606


  • A lifelong brotherhood
  • Global and local service and philanthropic opportunities
  • Quarterly leadership events held nation-wide
  • Study tables with brothers weekly
  • Brotherhood and cultural events
  • Networking opportunities that extend outside of the university
  • Learning to be a strong individual
  • Learning to be part of a team

Delta Upsilon - Bradley Chapter

Non-Secrecy. What does it mean?

It means no closed doors! All our rituals, our meetings, any event can be attended by anyone. We are one of the few fraternities in the country where we welcome anyone to attend our rituals. We are a fraternity that has progressed from secrets since 1834 and welcome everyone to know our ideas. In fact, our ritual books and cornerstones are shared during recruitment to show our commitment to non-secrecy!

History of Our Ritual

It has been discovered that as early as 1840 there existed a simple pledge that was recited by new members upon entering the Social Fraternity. Thus, the history of the initiation ritual begins. From that point in 1840, things began to evolve.

  • Advancement of Justice
  • Development of Character
  • Diffusion of Liberal Culture
  • Promotion of Friendship

Our Motto

Dikaia Upotheke "Justice, our Foundation"