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1318 W Fredonia Ave

Peoria, IL 61606

Building Better Men

Since 1834.

Our Motto

Delta Upsilon was founded in 1834 as the first non-secret fraternity in the country. With our motto, Justice, Our Foundation, we strive to enhance our members college experience by making them better men. Using our four founding principles, we pave the way towards something greater.

 Bradley Chapter 

Delta Upsilon

Our Mission

Our mission is to live our lives by our four founding principles: Development of Character, Advancement of Justice, Diffusion of Liberal Culture, and Promotion of Friendship. These principles motivate our members to excel academically and provide service not just locally, but on a global scale.

Locate Us

Residing at Bradley University since October 4th, 1951, Delta Upsilon has continuously stayed on Bradley University for 65 years. At 1318 W. Fredonia Avenue, Peoria, Illinois, we are gladly a part of one of the strongest greek systems in the country.