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The hallmark of any great organization is a set of values, an ethos that guides the actions of its members and provides direction in times of trial and triumph. As you begin your journey as a Delta Upsilon brother, it is important for you to be completely aware of what is expected of you. Participating in the Fraternity's Pledging Ceremony requires a promise to adhere to Delta Upsilon's honor code. The Honor Code is part of our ritual, and through your participation in the ritual, you promise to uphold the Honor Code not only during your associate member period, but throughout your life as an undergraduate and alumnus member:

1. So long as I am associated with the Delta Upsilon Fraternity, I shall always show respect to our brotherhood and its members.

2. I shall strive to guide my actions by the Four Founding Principles of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity.

3. I shall make a special effort to treat with respect and courtesy, all members of this Fraternity, all of its guests, and all members of our campus community.

4. I shall do all in my capacity to adhere to the following charges:

- To accept my position as a member with pride, honor, and gratitude.
- To learn, study, and live by the principles of Delta Upsilon.
- To be especially helpful and mindful of the needs of my chapter brothers and the members of the chapter.
- To treat every visitor of the chapter and/or any chapter event as my own personal guest.
- To act in a mature manner, always upholding the high moral standards of Delta Upsilon.
- To work for the chapter, devoting time and talent toward its successful operation.
- To attend all classes and to manage my time effectively so as to meet or exceed my academic potential.
- To uphold my financial obligations to Delta Upsilon and to the chapter.
- To support Delta Upsilon at every opportunity.
- To expect to receive the same courtesies and respect from all my fellow Delta Upsilon brothers.

All this I solemnly promise upon my honor.

Adapted from The Cornerstone: Delta Upsilon's Guide to College and Beyond, Twenty-Fifth ed., 2010