2017-18 All-Sports Champs

After another tremendous year in sports we have won All-Sports for the fourth year in a row. The All-Sports Cup will be staying at the house it rightfully belongs in for another year!

Thank you to all the fans and alumni who supported us!

Delta Upsilon

Bradley Chapter

Visit us at:

1318 W Fredonia Ave

Peoria, IL 61606

2017-18 Fall Recruitment

Following Bradley’s increased enrollment and the move from formal to informal recruitment, our chapter welcomed 32 new associate members into the fraternity. Recruitment chairs, Alex Erbs ’18 and Justin Schirmer ’18, focused on keeping the entire chapter engaged with recruitment and recruited members most reflective of our fraternity’s ideas and principles. 

Chapter news

Greek week '18

Our chapter, with the help of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, took 1st place in this year's Pan-Fran dance-off, and 2nd place in Greek week overall. 

2017-18 Awards and Recognitions

This year was another great year for our chapter, we received multiple awards on several occasions. One of the most notable awards we received this year was being selected as a Sweepstakes Finalist (awarded to the top seven chapters nationwide) at our annual Leadership Institute conference for the third year in a row. Other awards we received this year are listed below.

CEP Awards

  • Diffusion of Liberal Culture
  • Operational
  • Development of Character

DU IHQ Awards

  • Sweepstakes Finalists
  • Alex Erbs '18 - Distinguished Undergraduate Award
  • Nikkoh Mendoza '20 - McQuaid Oak Circle Scholarship Recipient
  • 2018 Oak Circle Donation Winner

Grand Chapter & Bradley University Awards

  • Most Service Hours per member 2018
  • Ray Zarvell Endowed Scholarship Recipients:
    • Trevor Mahood '21
    • Ben Gibson '19
    • Jacob Wetzel '20
    • Alex Pawelek '19
    • Drew Lanz '20
  • New Member of the Year Award - Christian Castro '21