Education is OUR top priority

Delta Upsilon strives to ensure all members of the fraternity maintain a minimum 2.75 grade requirement. To try and achieve this, we have a comprehensive scholastic program and rules to help guide members through their first year in college. We utilize a big brother program to help new members pick classes from previous semesters and study for their major-type classes. Study hours are used to encourage group study for new members general education classes along with providing the chance for new members to receive assistance from our academic chair. Along with all this, at the chapter house we have a room, dedicated to studying, with a large white board, computer monitors, and 6 individual desks. Academics is why someone attends a university and we believe in ensuring it stays a top priority throughout you or your sons four years.

Bradley Chapter

Delta Upsilon


Our chapter provides our members with an opportunity to receive financial assistance through two different scholarships. This results in the potential of receiving thousands of dollars of financial assistance throughout your four years at school. For our chapter alone, the Ray Zarvell Endowed Scholarship provides members the chance to receive up to $1,150 dollars for an academic year. The fraternity also provides the McQuaid Scholarship.This provides the chance for an additional $1,500 dollars. Both of these scholarships become available when you become a member.


Leadership Conferences

Delta Upsilon also has the best leadership conferences in the country to educate our members on how to become new leaders. The international fraternity provides 4 leadership conferences throughout the year to allow members to gain valuable leadership experience and to learn about the fraternity. All these conferences are free to attend for our members. Some even include free travel.

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1318 W Fredonia Ave

Peoria, IL 61606