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Welcome Parents!

Whether your son has joined our fraternity or is considering doing so, the Bradley Chapter of Delta Upsilon would like to welcome you and invite you to look around our website and ask any questions you may have about our associate member process or membership.

Joining Delta Upsilon truly was a life changing event for me, and opened me up to new leadership and service opportunities that I know I personally would not have taken without this fraternity. That is why it is ultimately my goal to provide your son with the same great opportunities that have been provided to me. Within my time here in Delta Upsilon, I have taken two leadership roles and attended four leadership conferences, which not only developed my leadership skills, but organizational and time management skills also. I have attended our international philanthropy, the Global Service Initiative, in Jamaica where I got to spend an incredible week doing service for a local primary school and church. These are just a few of the opportunities that become readily available to your son when he becomes a member of the fraternity. The executive board and myself are committed to ensuring your son, succeeds in his four years at school and obtains the full collegiate experience. We also aim to provide him with the skills for after his years at the university such as networking, job interview preparation and social etiquette.

With any fraternal organization, there is a concern with hazing and a fear that your son will not be treated well. This is where our chapter separates ourselves from the rest. Our chapter has the unique ability where we can prove that we are truly a non-hazing fraternity. Being a non-secret fraternity, all of our rituals, practices, and traditions are open to the public. At the time of your sons initiation, you will actually receive an invitation, inviting you to your sons initiation. This is truly something barely any other fraternity can offer. At our chapter we believe that hazing doesn't "enforce or create the bonds of brotherhood." We believe that a persons character and commitment to using our four principles: Advancement of Justice, Development of Character, Diffusion of Liberal Culture, and Promotion of Friendship, create these bonds.

Another typical concern is grades, and rightfully so. First off, Delta Upsilon has a unique and comprehensive academic program designed to compliment and enhance your sons learning experience at school. Our big brother program pairs older members with new members with similar majors so that they can guide them in picking classes, help with classes in their majors and their gen. eds. We also have two scholarship programs with our chapter to help pay for your sons education and reward him for his academic excellence.

The last concern is the financial side of joining a fraternity. Often the misconceptions is that you are  "paying for your friends," but it really is much more than that. At Delta Upsilon, your son will work to develop himself into a better men along with others with a common goal. Should he choose to take on a leadership position, he will get the opportunity to go to two leadership conferences for free, along with gaining real life networking experience. He will learn social etiquette, job preparation, and how to give back to the community. The list goes on and on.

So, parents, I invite you to look around our website. Find out more about us, our beliefs, and our values. Find out what makes up a Delta Upsilon brother. And if you believe any aspect of our fraternity doesn't line up with the continued growth and development of your son into a better man, please, let us know. You can us the Contact Us page or email me directly with any questions or concerns.

Fraternally Yours,

Nikkoh Mendoza '20
Chapter President - 2018