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By the numbers

It is a turbulent time for Delta Upsilon. Our chapter and fraternity have been celebrating unparalleled success. In the past year our chapter has received several awards and recognitions. For a more detailed look at these awards, click through to the News page.

WHY delta upsilon?

Delta Upsilon

The question most often asked to us by parents and new members is what makes us different.  Delta Upsilon, by its very nature, is separated from other fraternal organizations. Being non-secret since its founding in 1834,  we chose to separate ourselves from other greek organizations by displaying our proud traditions and ideas to the world. We chose not to sit behind close doors and prevent people from the outside from looking in. We chose to be different and welcome ideas and support from all persons, whether they are a member of the fraternity or not.

While other early fraternities spent time perfecting secret rituals and recognition signs, we began our mission to build better men. To this day we uphold our stance on non-secrecy, and never have worried about the other guy. Because of this stance, we have built a strong and unique brotherhood that welcomes all people and ideas.

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